Podcast 053 – “Ask the Shulgins” (Burning Man 2006)

Guest speakers: Ann & Sasha Shulgin


This program features Ann and Sasha Shulgin in their 2006 appearance at Burning Man where they participated in the Palenque Norte lecture series with their ever-popular “Ask the Shulgins” question and answer session. Questions that the Shulgins answered that day included such diverse issues as:

  • What is your favorite drug?
  • What do you think about using drugs with psychotherapy
  • How do you feel about chronic drug use
  • How do you know that the psychedelic path is one you should go down
  • What advice do you have for couples who are on a psychedelic path
  • What do you think about polydrug use

Also, Sasha describes how his first mescaline experience led to his future experiments with various compounds . . . and he warns about the unpredictability of these substances.


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