Podcast 467 – “Investigating Life – Part 1”

Guest speaker: Peter Gorman

Today’s podcast features an interview of Peter Groman by Tom Huckabee. The interview took place at Peter’s home in August 2015. In this, the first part of Peter’s story, we learn that Peter was one of the first American’s to take ayahuasca. At the time, Burroughs’ “Yage Letters” hadn’t yet made it around to him. He wrote a freelance story about the experience, which became a front page story in High Times Magazine. Many twists and turns later, Peter became the Editor in Chief of High Times and was instramental in entering the discussion of medical marijuana into the mainstream media. This is the first part of this interview, and it ends with Peter and his wife deep in the Amazon and being acosted by river pirates.


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Peter Gorman’s Website

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Sapo In My Soul: The Matsés Frog Medicine by Peter Gorman

Sapo In My Soul: The Matsés Frog Medicine

The Yage Letters Redux By William S. Burroughs, Allen GinsbergThe Yage Letters Redux
by William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg

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  1. Steeno Said,

    September 11, 2015 @ 4:00 am

    Enjoyed these great stories.

    Off hand..have you ran across this lorenzo?



    Im only just not listening to this lecture and finding this guy. Seems like he has good perspectives and has done good inner work. Just thought id pass it along for the tribe. Thanks!

  2. leafy Said,

    September 12, 2015 @ 12:47 am

    Woah, awesome cast!

    I really didn’t see that break coming as I became increasingly gripped by Peter’s pirate story, and as I heard the intro/outro music starting I let out a disgruntled “WHY Lorenzo!?”

    Nevertheless your shenanigans will have me and others refreshing the salon in high expectation for continuation as you obviously know 😉

    Thanks Steeno for those links as well

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: For what it’s worth, my wife is also mad at me about that break. She told me that I need to apologize to my fellow saloners for doing that. . . . But here’s my problem, does an apology count if I’m still smiling about doing it? 🙂 ]