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Podcast 329 – “Vision Mapping for the Golden Age”

Guest speakers: Amanda Sage and Bruce Damer

Watch a video of this talk

Watch a video of Bruce Damer’s brief history of the Palenque Norte lecture series


[NOTE: All quotations are by Amanda Sage.]

“Let’s turn the museums into temples. I think the new museums are going to be temples.”

“I’m interested in this collaboration, because I’m interested in what can we do to wake people up, to turn people on.”

“And dream. I mean if this is about dreaming, what can each of us do to evoke the dream, a deeper dream, in another?”


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The mission is the art of transformation

Amanda Sage “Vision Mapping for the Golden Age” – Burning Man 2012 from Palenque Norte on Vimeo.

A brief history of Palenque Norte, from which the podcasts sprang . . . by Dr. Bruce Damer

Dr. Bruce Damer “A Brief History of Palenque Norte” – Burning Man 2012 from Palenque Norte on Vimeo.

The Twilight of American Culture by Morris Berman

Dark Ages America by Morris Berman

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