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Podcast 462 – “Psychedelic Advocacy”

Guest speakers:
Ashley Booth and Amy Ralston Povah
Ariel Clark, Ashley Booth, & Amy Ralston Povah

Today’s podcast features Ashley Booth, scientist and psychedelic advocate, and Amy Ralston Povah, a victim and hero of the War on Drugs. The talk by Ashley was given at the 2014 Palenque Norte Lectures at the Burning Man Festival, and the talk by Amy was given at a Venice, California salon hosted by Ashley in celebration of Bicycle Day 2014. Together these talks will give you a lot of things to talk about, both with friends who agree with you and the old Nancy Reagan just say no crowd. . . . As Ashley says, “By being a psychedelic advocate, I’m not saying that psychedelics are good for everyone, by any means. I would just like it to be an opportunity for people who would like to try it.”


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