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Podcast 469 – “Philosophy With The Gloves Off”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna
Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“We don’t produce enough seritonin for living above 20 degrees latitude.”

“I’m not a big advocate of mixing drugs, anyway. If you really want to get out into unknown territory, where there is the potential for danger, then start pouring these things together.”

“It’s a funny thing the way people relate to drugs. Many people take them in environments that couldn’t be better designed to suppress the effect of the drug. For instance, crowded singles bars, noisy social environments with everybody hitting on each other, and loud music, and lots of activity, and maybe lots of vigorous dancing. Well, this is an environment designed to suppress drug effects. . . . To really see what these things do, you need and atmosphere of quite, sensory deprived darkness.”

“My attitude is always if it’s legal it ain’t gonna work.”

“People have trouble saying a lot about many of these things. I think that’s a learned skill; narrative ability and to keep your wits about you in those places, and to try and bring back some kind of coherent metaphor.”

“The strange thing about opium is that it’s so endlessly fascinating while it’s happening, and there’s just nothing to be taken out of it. It apparently does not transcript into short term memories.”

“It’s as important to tell the trip as to have the trip.”

In answer to the question, “How do you regain yourself when having a difficult trip?” Terence answered, “I always have cannabis ready. It’s the rudder of the boat.”

“The key when you’re having a bad trip is to make your mind wander from the bummer.”

Legal status of Salvia divinorum


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Podcast 081 – Salvia divinorum (Siebert Interview)

Guest speaker: Daniel Siebert

PROGRAM NOTES: - Daniel Siebert's Web Site05:44 Daniel tells the story about finding a Salvia plant at a Terence McKenna lecture.

12:06 He describes the traditional Mazatec way of taking Salvia divinorum.

24:39 Daniel talks about the various categories of experiences that are possible through the use of Salvia Divinorum.

25:25 “One of the more common types of experiences people have is often people have visions of places that are reminiscent of early childhood, places like school playgrounds or the back yard of their parents’ house where they lived when they were six or seven years old.”

28:49 Daniel talks about his isolation of the active ingredient in Salvia Divinorum.

31:51 “In general, when taken in the traditional fashion of chewing the leaves, the effects are gentle, the onset is gradual, the experience is enriching and it can be utilized in a very controlled, directed, conscientious manner.”

43:18 Daniel talks about the varying amounts of time a Salvia experience can last depending upon dosage and method of use.

50:40 A discussion about the current legal status of Salvia.

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Daniel Siebert’s Web site

“Salvia divinorum and Salvinorin A: new pharmacologic findings” (PDF file) by Daniel J. Siebert

Legal Status Of Salvia divinorum

The Sage Wisdom Salvia Shop

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