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Podcast 453 – “Palenque Norte Tribute to Sasha Shulgin”

Guest speakers: George Greer, John Gilmore, Rick Doblin, Annie Oak

Sasha Shulgin


Today’s podcast features the tributes to Sasha Shulgin that were made at the Palenque Norte lectures during the 2014 Burning Man Festival. In addition to comments from the audience, we hear from Dr. George Greer (MDMA Researcher and Co-founder of the Heffter Research Institute), Rick Doblin PhD (President of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), John Gilmore (Co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation), and Annie Oak (Co-founder of the Women’s Visionary Congress).


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The Shulgin Research Institute

Sasha Shulgin's Laboratory

Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate from George Wada on Vimeo.

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Podcast 388 – “Wherever You Are, Be There!”

Guest speaker: Dr. George Greer

Dr. George Greer, M.D. delivering his 2013 Palenque Norte lecture


[NOTE: All quotations are by George Greer.]

“Meaning: the final addiction!”

“Meaning is suffering.”

“How do you feel your experience would be different if you ‘understood’ the universe? How would your experience be different from right now?”

“My thought about MDMA is that it blocks the fear response to a perceived emotional threat.”

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Co-Founder, Medical Director, Secretary of the Heffter Research Institute

Spheres & Constellations by Farthest South

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Podcast 087 – “MDMA Before Ecstasy”

Guest speakers: George Greer and Requa Tolbert


(Minutes : Seconds into program)

George Greer and Requa Tolbert at Burning Man 200606:30George talks about how they began to use MDMA in their work.

07:37 “We didn’t want it to get in the newspapers, because we knew that because it felt good it would eventually get out on the street and be made illegal … as it was.”

08:30 How people were screened before they could be treated with MDMA. . . . “Where are you pointed?”

10:01 “The purpose for taking it [MDMA] really is the most important thing, more important than the drug even.”

12:41 Requa describes the formal structure of a therapeutic MDMA session as developed by Leo Zeff, “The Secret Chief”.

16:30 George reads the 18th century prayer that Leo Zeff recommended using before a healing MDMA session.

23:57 “My idea is that MDMA decreases fear, the neurological experience of fear. So if you have a thought that would normally be frightening to you that would make you anxious and tense up and be defensive and push it away, that reaction just is blocked.”

30:47 “Women seem to be more sensitive [to MDMA] independent of size . . . actually some research has been done showing women are more sensitive milligrams per kilogram. In Switzerland they found this.”

32:33 George describes the work of Dr. Arthur Hastings who used hypnotherapy with former MDMA users to bring back the experience of their medicine session.

33:52 A discussion of beta-blockers.

34:43 “I think that MDMA would be excellent for people who are afraid of dying and afraid of death.”


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Abstracts of papers by Greer and Tolbert

“Subjective reports of the effects of MDMA in a clinical setting

“The Therapeutic Use of MDMA”

“A method of conducting therapeutic sessions with MDMA”

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