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Podcast 456 – “Engineering Enlightenment”

Guest speaker: Mikey Siegel

Mikey Siegel delivering his 2014 Palenque Norte Lecture


“Technology is a manifestation of mind.”
Mikey Siegel, Consciousness Hacker

Have you ever given any thought to the proposition that perhaps human well-being, or enlightenment, may be approached through engineering? In today’s podcast, which is the 2014 Palenque Norte Lecture given by Mikey Siegel, you are going to learn not only about the possibilities of such a thing as engineering enlightenment, you are also going to learn about the rapid advances that have been made in this field during the past five years. Mikey Siegel is one of the pioneers of what has come to be known as “consciousness hacking”, which is a hands-on-approach to making new tools for self-exploration.


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Enlightenment engineering–tech as catalyst for inner & outer peace:
Mikey Siegel at TEDxSantaCruz

BioFluent Technologies: tools for integrating body, mind and spirit

Consciousness Hacking is a hands-on approach to making new tools for self-exploration, in order to change the way we think, feel, and live.

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