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Podcast 187 – “The Ethnobotany of Shamanism” Part 1

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Most software, I think, is written by freaks.”

“What it [investigating psychedelics] really requires is a love of the peculiar, of the weird, the bizarre, the étrange, the freaky and unimaginable.”

“Nature and the imagination seem to be the precursors to involvement in the psychedelic experience.”

“DMT seems to argue, convincingly I might add, that the world is made entirely of something, for want of a better word, we would have to call magic.”

“By manipulating queuing, by manipulating expectation, you can lead people to a fundamental confrontation, not only with themselves, but with the Other.”

“What I’m talking about is actually is the Mystery of Being as existential fact. That there is something that haunts this world that can take apart and reduce every single one of us to a mixture of terror and ecstasy, fear and trembling. It is not an idea, that’s the primary thing to bear in mind. It’s an experience.”

“Our theories are the weakest part of what we say. What we’re working from is the fact of an experience which we need to make sense of.”

“What we call three dimensional space, and what we call the imagination actually have a contiguous and continuous transformation from one into the other, … and THIS is big news!”

“If you play the cultural game, it’s like playing only with clubs or something, or playing only with the red marked cards. You have to play with a full deck, and that includes this pre-linguistic surround in which we are embedded.”

“Ultimately, I think, what the psychedelic experience may be is a higher topological manifold of temporality.”

“The mind is the cutting edge of the evolving event system.”

“I think the cybernetic matrix is a tremendous tool for feminizing, and radicalizing, and psychedelicizing the social matrix. I see computers as entirely feminine.”

“The ‘person’ is not an interchangeable part. The ‘citizen’ is. … The person is harking back to a pre-print model. It’s what the hippies were.”

“What people notice about [when they are on] LSD is either what’s right or wrong with themselves or how freaky the world is.”

“It’s as important to be well informed in this area, if you’re going to do it, as it is to be well informed about procedures in skin diving and that sort of thing if you’re going to do that.”


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The Oracle Gatherings, July 31-August 2, 2009

October 21-25, 2009
Embassy Suites/Marin Civic Center
San Rafael, California

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Podcast 172 – “The State of LSD in 2003″

Guest speakers: Earth & Fire Erowid, Ralph Metzner, Stanislav Grof, Nick Sand, and Dave Nichols


Erowid’s LSD Vault LSD and Drug Testing

LSD FAQ Part 1 LSD FAQ Part 2

Mind States 2003: LSD Panel with Myron Stolaroff, Nick Sand, Dave Nichols, Ralph Metzner, Stanislav Grof, Earth Erowid, and Susan Blackmore“I believe it’s true to say that everyone who has experienced LSD or another psychedelic would look on that experience, especially the first one, as a major life-changing event.” –Ralph Metzner

“The introduction of LSD and psychedelics into the culture produced a transformation of the entire culture, the consciousness of the culture.” –Ralph Metzner

“The first note in that octave [of our cultural transformation], the do, was the discovery of LSD by Albert Hofmann in 1943.” –Ralph Metzner

“Just as Hitler used the Reichstag burning, the U.S. government now uses the so-called two wars, the War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism, to fuel fear in the population and establish a police security state.” –Ralph Metzner

“It [the prohibition of psychedelics] puts the industrial civilization in a very unique position. It’s just about the only society in the whole history of humanity that doesn’t have any use for non-ordinary states of consciousness.” –Stanislav Grof

“We have to recognize that spirituality is a legitimate dimention in the psyche. It’s a legitimate dimention in the universal scheme of things. It doesn’t mean that you are superstitious, that you are in to magical, primitive thinking, if you take spirituality seriously.” –Stanislav Grof


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The Psychedelic Party of Israel

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