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Podcast 274 – “Psychedelic Safety” plus “Borges and McKenna”

Guest speakers: Ann Shulgin and Dr. William Rowlandson


“If you are going to experiment with a psychedelic of any kind, make sure you are depranil-free for at least five days, probably seven would be safer.”
-Ann Shulgin

“You don’t really need MDMA or a psychedelic to do [deep personal therapy]. … I think that until at least some of these materials become legal, don’t dismiss the possibilities of hypnotherapy doing exactly what you need and want.”
-Ann Shulgin

“As far as I’m concerned, there is no substitute for MDMA, because it is the insight drug. And it does this magical combination of allowing you to see inside without fear and hostility toward yourself. It has a beautiful, beautiful effect, and no other drug that we know of so far manages to do that.”
-Ann Shulgin

“[Our] paradox is the ceaseless, constant drive to understand something that is inherently un-understandable. Now, of course, the paradox lies in the fact that we understand it is not to be understood, and yet we understand that we continue to try to understand. It’s a beautiful paradox.”
– Dr. William Rowlandson


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