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Podcast 163 – “Reality Syndromes & Cyberpunk Symptoms”

Guest speaker: Wrye Sententia


[NOTE: All quotations below are by Wrye Sententia.]

Dr. Wrye Sententia“How can we have confidence in what we think we know, in our particular version of reality, in our particular take on the world? … What is real and what is false, and does it really matter if there is a difference.”

“Mind is built on consciousness. It’s an accumulation of life-experience over time. … Consciousness, for me, is sort of a snapshot in the photo album of the mind.”

“Cyberpunk, I think, is about altered states of body and altered states of mind.”

“And the reason I mention the decade of the drug wars [in connection with cyberpunk fiction] is because there are a lot of overlays between altering your mind through drugs and altering your mind through technologies, hard technologies.”

“Now we can’t protect ourselves from misconceptions. But I think we can keep from evolving them, maybe by taking the doctrine of signs and saying, instead of finding the purpose find the consequence.”

” ‘Augmented reality’ supplements the physical world, the external world, with additional information.”

“If we put filters on cameras to enhance the picture, what kinds of filters can we put on our minds to enhance our day-to-day walk?”

“If cognitive liberty is the right of each individual to think independently, or autonomously, and to engage in the full spectrum of thought, and to have access to multiple modes of consciousness, if that’s what cognitive liberty is, it’s something that is a political goal.”

“The cultural machinery never rests.”


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