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Podcast 334 – “The Alchemy of Cacao”

Guest speaker: Brian Wallace


This podcast features Brian Wallace’s 2012 Palenque Norte Lecture at the Burning Man Festival. Brian, who has been a community organizer for MAPS and other organizations, is also expert on the cacao plant. Originally, Brian titled this talk “The Entheobotany of Cacao”, however, I decided to change the title to better reflect the wide-ranging discussion of a little-understood, but extremely important, plant. Brian’s talk is about significantly more than chocolate treats.


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Brian Wallace’s Web Site (click)

Naked Chocolate: The Astonishing Truth About the World’s Greatest Food By David Wolfe

Following Brian’s talk I play a short segment about the work of Occupy Sandy and close with a song sent in from some fellow saloners, The Chooks. It is simply titled “Occupy” and is freely available for download immediately below.

“Occupy” (mp3 file)
by The Chooks

Podcast 256 – “A Drug Enhancer Called Chocolate”
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The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss
by Dennis McKenna

NY Daily News Channel on YouTube

Direct link to video of this talk

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